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Nicolette's Story

Nicolette Has Always Been Drawn To Beautiful Things.

Born and raised in a small town, she loved to play dress-up. Her 1980’s Caboodles organizer boxes were filled with glitzy accessories. From a young age, this little girl learned that dressing and feeling beautiful makes life more enjoyable! Years later, one of Nicolette’s undergraduate professors stated, “You have to dress for the day that you want.” These words left a lasting impression.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing, the jewelry world came calling. Starting as Production Assistant for bridal jewelry brand Kirk Kara, Nicolette learned the ins and outs of the wholesale jewelry industry. After designing her first engagement ring and wedding band set for the company, she was hooked. Pursuing greater knowledge in the field, Nicolette attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where she became a Graduate Gemologist in residence, then completed GIA’s in-residence design program. She learned the foundations of CAD (Computer Aided Design), but more notably honed her technical skills in hand rendering (hand sketching) jewelry in exact size to-scale.

Opportunity knocked again, and Nicolette accepted the role as Fine Jewelry Manager for Omi Gems, the Los-Angeles-based company that procures and deals highly-valued and rare colored gemstones. She was instrumental in launching and growing their fine jewelry division and brand, Omi Privé. Her years managing Omi Privé were the ultimate little girl’s dream. Getting to work and play with some of Earth’s rarest and most valuable gems took her abilities and knowledge to an unprecedented level. She secured her passion for color and fine quality craftsmanship, and loved sharing such beauty with others. 

Professionally armed and ready, Nicolette established her own business. In 2016, Nicolette Fine Jewels was born! Embracing her own creativity and jewelry expertise helps her guide her customers through their personal jewelry journeys.

Nicolette continues to play dress up every day. Now, she is still filling hers and others' accessory boxes with beautiful things… however, both the cases and the contents have undergone a significant upgrade!

From Pencil & Paper

Inspired by the gems themselves, Nicolette puts pencil to paper (or more accurately graphite to vellum) to make her ideas come to life. Clients seek Nicolette’s creative expertise as a designer who has embraced the lost art of multi-dimensional hand-drawn renderings. For individuals choosing to purchase a custom or one-of-a-kind design, Nicolette provides a matted copy of the original hand sketch to cherish along with the finished piece.

To Collectible Curations

In addition to custom designs, Nicolette’s online marketplace boasts a curated collection of on-trend fine jewelry. Every piece is personally hand-picked by her for its wearability and elegance. These pieces range from the everyday chic to the formal gala event, but as we know, for Nicolette, those are interchangeable!